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We're the Italian most experienced network of creative companies focused on the international animation business. Our partners are producers and studios specialized in the development of Intellectual Properties through highest quality tv-series, feature films and multimedia contents. We promote worldwide creativity, talent and winning business models thanks to the skills we share from our companies. To be competitive, up-to-date, trustworthy and professionally respected are our keywords to let ideas brightly shine.

With three offices based in Milan, Florence and Rome, ForFun combines animation studios and executive production management. We are proud to be able to share the know-how of a comprehensive team, composed by more than 100 creatives and corporate staff, working together to create the most innovative and amazing content for the global market of entertainment.



Topo Gigio

TV Series, Season 1-2 52x11’

Target: Bridge

Topo Gigio srl - Maria Perego - Movimenti Production - Rai Ragazzi

Tear Along The Dotted Line

TV Series, 6x17’

Target: Young Adult / Adult

Netflix - BAO Publishing - Movimenti Production

Tip The Mouse

Tv Series, Season 1-2-3 52x7’

Target: Pre-school

© 2019 m4e AG - Studio Bozzetto - Giunti Editore - Studio Campedelli - RaiFiction. All Rights Reserved


TV Series, Season 1-2 78x7'

Target:: Upper Pre-school

Samka Productions - Movimenti Production - Making Prod - Rai Ragazzi - Rai YoYo - TF1 - Canal Plus - Canal Panda - TF1 - tve

Alice & Lewis

Tv Series, Season 1 - 2 52x11’

Target: Upper Pre-school

Bluespirit Productions - MOBO – Gloobinho - Rai Ragazzi - TF1

When I Was Your Age

TV Series, 52x11’

Target: Kids

Monello Productions - MOBO - Rai Ragazzi – France TV

The Game Catchers

Tv Series, 52x7’

Target: Pre-school

Studio Bozzetto - Sardine Production

Spooky Wolf

TV Series, 26x11’

Target: Kids

© Movimenti Production

Mini-Heroes of the Forest

Tv Series, 26x7’

Target: Pre-school



Feature Animation Film, 80’

Target: Family

Ideacinema - Movimenti Production

Are U There?

Tv Series, 8x45’

Target: Teen/Young Adult

Movimenti Production - Daitona


Tv Series, 10x15’

Target: Young Adult

Movimenti Production

ODD - Our Daily Demons

Tv Series, 26x13

Target: Young Adult

Movimenti Production

Signor Rossi

TV Series, Feature Film

Target: Teens

© Studio Bozzetto


Tv Series, 52x7’

Target: Pre-school

Progetto di MoBo






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